Should I get a Closure or Frontal? What's the Difference?

Wigs can be a bit confusing with all the terminology when ordering. I hope this guide helps you decide which is BEST FOR YOU when ordering your next unit. 
Frontal VS Closure
Lace Frontals and Lace Closures are hair pieces used on wigs and installs to help create the look of a natural scalp. The main difference between them are the size. Frontals cover the entire hairline from ear to ear and Closures only cover a palm size portion of the head. Keep in mind Frontals require more maintenance than a closure.
What is a Lace FRONTAL?
Lace Frontals are used to create a more natural hairline when wearing wigs. They come in the size 13x4 or 13x6 which means it has either 4 or 6 inches of parting and 13 inches covering the hairline from ear to ear. Frontals provide the flexibility to wear up-downs, middle parts and side parts. 
The flexibility of a Frontal is what makes it so popular in the wig world. But that flexibility comes at a price. Frontals can bald quickly if not handled with care. 
Glueless Frontals are the new wave. Glueless means there is no glue needed for an install but you will need something to melt your lace. For my glueless installs I used Bold Hold Liquid Gold, which is very similar to Got2B. It is NOT GLUE but an alternative that can be removed with water.
Frontals are not for the get up and go girls, it requires you to take your time so keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing a Frontal.     
What is a Lace CLOSURE?
Lace Closures are used to create a natural part and partial hairline appearance. Closures come in different sizes, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, even 7x7. The bigger the closure size the more parting space you have. The smaller the closure the less maintenance it requires. 
Closure are BEST FOR BEGINNERS. They can be GLUELESS and placed anywhere along the hairline. Closures are good for the get up go, they are quick to install and very low maintenance. 
When deciding which one is best for you be sure to keep your daily lifestyle in mind. If you have time to lay lace on a daily basis, have money for a stylist weekly and you want to be able to put your hair up the front, then get the Frontal. If you have a busy lifestyle and rarely have time to think about hair, just want a get up and go wig that you can install yourself, and you only want a side or middle part get the Closure.
So will it be a closure or a frontal for your next unit? While you take a moment to decide you can shop our READY TO SHIP units.